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Cosmetic treatments involving injectables, fillers, lasers, ‘deep’ peels and other invasive treatments can deliver significant benefits but they also carry significant risks. The JCCP says that to protect patients these should only be administered by regulated healthcare professionals. Our formal register – which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority – lists those professionals who meet the required standards for safe and effective practice.

How does the JCCP Practitioner Register Work?

The JCCP registers a wide range of practitioners from different backgrounds with varying levels of experience and training or qualifications. Many are healthcare professionals such as doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists etc (Register Part A) and others come from a beauty therapy background (Register Part B). Members of the JCCP Register reflect the complexity of the aesthetic sector, but importantly, all our registrants agree to provide their services according to a code of JCCP approved standards. To find out more about how our Practitioner Register functions, please click here.


By using the JCCP register to choose your practitioner, you are probably seeking assurance that they meet your specific requirements. To view the Definitions of Practitioners guide, then please click here.


The JCCP believe that, in addition to standards of practice, you should have access to sufficient information to enable you to recognise the qualifications and/or the experience of your practitioner.


We know that sometimes procedures don’t always go according to plan, so we have developed a 10 step plan to helping remedy the concern which can be found here.

Learn more about your treatment

The JCCP has produced a number of short guides on the different types of non-surgical cosmetic treatment and hair restoration surgery.  You can read about them by clicking on one of the boxes below.